Rideshare and taxi drivers.

Find more fares.
Earn more money.

Cardinal is an app for rideshare and taxi drivers that helps you locate your next fare quicker. Download Cardinal for free and boost your rides by more than 30%!

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For rideshare and taxi drivers.

Whether you drive a taxicab or work for a rideshare company, Cardinal has you covered.

Make More Money

The powerful artificial intelligence of Cardinal discovers ride opportunities for you so you can focus on driving.

Reduce Downtime

What good is a surge of customers if by the time you get there all of the fares have been picked up?

Cardinal leverages GPS and real-time data to put you in the optimal place to get your next fare.

Find More Fares

Most rides don’t come from concerts and airports. With over 10,000 data points in your city, Cardinal will always be able to find a fare near you based on your location.


Cardinal uses logistics and data to greatly reduce your downtime. Here are some of the features that will get you earning more fares today.